Years of drought leave local trees dry and vulnerable

The trees around the desert town of Ridgecrest look fine to the untrained eye, but tree experts say they are dying. To find out why and to pull this article together, I tracked down the right experts to interview and quickly researched a topic I previously knew nothing about. The result is this piece I proudly display. It helped many of my readers understand the new and complex things happening in their immediate environment.

Teaching North Korean Refugees

Korvia Consulting is the #1 native English teacher recruitment agency in South Korea's multi billion dollar English education industry. I contributed for three months, then the editor chose me to author the companies first major B2B article for a nonprofit that worked with North Korean refugees. I volunteered with the nonprofit for months and worked with their directors to make sure it was factually accurate and a piece that they were proud to advertise. The project targeted native English teachers around Seoul who might be interested in volunteering, but it then grew in popularity, driving in traffic from a far wider audience than we originally expected